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1. New. ICT_Rev Limerick links

Handy Symbaloo webmix/page summarizing the links explored or recommended at the recent ICT-Rev workshop organised in UL (May 22-23, 2015). Great potential to enhance learning. Enjoy! Click here. You may also be interested by the three principles of ...

7 Easy Steps for creating your own PLN

Joe Dale created this presentation 7 Easy Steps for creating your own PLN

Creating Voki Avatars with Cell Phones

Creating Voki Avatars with Cell Phones Clickhere to read what José Picardo has to say.

eSplice Virtual Classroom

eSplice. Teach group classes online via video (upto 24 students), includes a digital whiteboard (Supports PDF, word docs, PowerPoint +more) Rebrand with your name/logo and colours.

Kelly Tenkely's 31 favourite Digital Storytelling sites

Check out Kelly Tenkely's blog for her 31 favourite Digital Storytelling Sites about integrating technology in the classroom.

Lingua Swap

Linguaswap gives students the opportunity to practise the language they are learning at school with a native speaker of their own age. Click here to access the site.

Videos of Irish Teachers using ICTs

ICT in the post-primary MFL classroom (collaborative project by the PDST, PPLI and NCTE). Click on the following links to view Irish teachers of modern foreign languages using ICTs in Irish post-primary schools. Using presentation tools Digital self-i ...


Voki is a free service that allows you to create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog, profile, and in email messages.Voki allows teachers and students to create speaking avatars in a fun, stimulating and engaging way. Although some ini ...

What Twitter means to teachers by Joe Dale

Joe Dale made this great compilation of responses from language teachers on what Twitter means to them as their Personal Learning Network.

Why develop Personal Learning Networks?

Listen to this: The Digital Divide is Growing by Russell Stannard

Why Twitter?

Tweet yourself to a new circle - What is Twitter all about? Twitter is not for exchanging trivia. It's a powerful networking tool. See this article by Russell Stannard. See this training video on how to use twitter and this one on how to use tweetdeck as ...

You-tilising YouTube in the Classroom

You-tilising YouTube in the Classroom

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