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SPANISH PINTEREST teaching learning resources secondary classroom

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Free website from the Spanish Department at Nottingham High School with lots of interactive exercises to help you learn Spanish. Although this website is specifically designed to help GCSE and A Level students, it would be useful to absolutely anyone lear ...

Excellent Blog created by a Spanish teacher. Perfect for senior students. Loads of videoclips and articles with prepered activities.

Languages Online

French, German, Spanish and Italian materials. Visually bright, entertaining and all the latest materials

Publications and Articles  MarcoELE

Publications and articles of varying levels available to download

Resources and Ideas

Great resources by a Spanish teacher working in London, also working as a Lead Practitioner for Languages for Specialist Schools

Sunderland School Resources and Games

Written by Modern Foreign Language teachers and great for resources and lesson plans. Fun activities and games.


Recursos, materiales e información para profesoresde español como lengua extranjera y segunda.

Video clips and exercises - Click on weblink

Excellent site for TY and senior cycle. Loads of videoclips on movie trailers, popular Spanish songs, cultural topics along with web based exercises for students to do.


Worksheets in lots of languages from arabic to vietnamese. Extensive database and its free.

Worksheets for Junior Cycle

Varied worksheets prepared by teachers of Spanish, French & German. Mainly good for junior classes. Also good for progress certificates.

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