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We have announced the winners for this year's competition!  #PPLIdepelicula

Thank you so much to all of you who entered this year's #PPLIdepelicula competition. We received many entries and it has been really hard to chose 3 winners. We really enjoyed all the videos. You all certainly are very enthusiastic and creative. We hope you also had a good time preparing them.  Many thanks also to our sponsors and Junta de Castilla y León #CastillayLeoesvida and to the Consejería de Educación  for their support. 

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Cick here to see this year's winning video Los increíbles




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This is  what last year's winners have  to say about their experience

¡Nos lo pasamos fenomenal en nuestro viaje a Salamanca!
The trip was a fantastic experience for all, from the moment we landed in Madrid: the sun and blue skies, the beautiful landscapes on our way to Castilla y León and the very impressive sight of the city of Salamanca as we were coming in.
For us teachers, it was very interesting to watch the development of our students' language skills throughout the week: they had difficulty understanding the driver that took us from the airport to Salamanca on the the first day. However, on the way back to the airport, they had no problem talking to the same driver with confidence. We would have loved to stay for a full month!
Our students' opinions speak for themselves:
KIN: "We had an awesome time in Salamanca. It was a beautiful historic city, the locals were really nice and friendly and the foods were delicious (specially from the "tapas" places. And they were cheap too). My Spanish also improved and I made a lot of friends. I would love to go back there one day!"
¡Qué bien!
JACOB: "In my opinion, Salamanca was great. It was not only a great opportunity to improve our language skills but it also offered a fantastic insight to a typical Spanish city. Beside the glorious cathedral there were typical Roman style houses with their old red roofs. The people in Salamanca were very lively and there were many young people about. All in all the trip was fantastic and I hope to go back there some day."

Loreto Secondary School play Mystery Sype with a school in Nebraska

Click here to watch their video and Click here to read how they did it!

mistery skype














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Don´t miss this video about the world famous Fallas de Valencia

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