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f blog banner  Quoi d’ neuf ? (What’s up?) 
Our weekly blog Souris, c’est lundi! is produced with you in mind.
You don’t need much French to enjoy new catchy rhythms and rhymes , follow the action in film trailers or discover clips about random, interesting or cool facts. Check it for yourself!  Click here for access.
If you like what you hear and what you see, you may like to go a bit further with the language and read the short intro blurb below the clip. Not a bad way to pick up new words, phrases or cultural bits. 
‘Chanson nouveauté’ and ‘Chanson nostalgie’ are song clips with lyrics and sometimes a karaoke clip or music sheet.  The ‘Pour aller plus loin’ section is probably more for senior students and those who really want to get into it – background info or related clips or docs. Once a month is 'Film du mois' with trailers of French or Francophone film, usually also with the full film, sometimes with french subtitles. Last week of the month is the surprise 'En prime', something more random we think is quite cool.  
So, give it a go… Listen and look ‘pour le plaisir’ , and pick up some French in the process!